There's something about orchestrated music that is really magical. Aside from today's writing, I listened to Jocelyn's orchestrated piece that she composed and it was absolutely beautiful. The feeling that I get, it takes me to a faraway place, and it's wonderful. One of my current favorites is Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra. I've just developed a liking for this kind of music, and it's truly calming. It's great to write to, to get away from the constant television playing in the background behind the computer that lives in our living room. And Jocelyn's piece is truly one of the most beautiful things that I have ever heard.
The fact that summer is slowly coming to an end, is something that I don't like thinking about. I've just decided that I should do more of the things that I enjoy, and continue taking pictures. I just don't want things to stop, as they always seem to do, when school starts. I am a procrastinator, and that's just who I am. But I am hoping that things, particularly schoolwork, will go more smoothly this year. The thought of getting a job is exciting, but gives a feeling of losing something at the same time. For most of the summer, I've wanted to make more time for reading but never really have; and now that I have a month left, I figure it's a good time. I picked up The Secret Life of Bees at my local thrift store, and I am ecstatic, because I have been looking for it everywhere. I am currently reading 1984 for school, which is alright, besides the fact that I have to annotate it. I also have recently watched a documentary with my friend grace on happiness, and it was interesting and eye-opening. The fact is, life is supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful, and I've found that you should put your heart in whatever you do, and go for it. Lastly, it has helped me see the things that I have, and that I should be thankful, because there are many people in the world who can live with so little and still be so happy.
I would also like to say thank you for the few nice comments that I received on my last post, about writing for myself. I truly appreciate it, you guys.


  1. okay so first of all these pictures or gorgeous and prefect and gahh the lighting is so pretty!! (and the yellows look so nice!) Second of all, I decided to be silly and comment before going and listening to the songs you listed, but I'll be sure to listen to them! Jocelyn is a crazy-good composer and it's the best. There's actually a copy of The Secret LIfe of Bees in my household! Is it good? Perhaps I shall read it. I just really like this post. I relate to pretty much everything you said. :) xoxo.

    1. Thank you! And I am currently reading it, and yes, so far it is reeeally good.