if you want to be successful, it's just this simple.
know what you are doing.
love what you are doing.
and believe in what you are doing.
Will Rogers

I've just been thinking a lot, that time gets lost. So many people spend time swallowed up in school, with a job that they don't even like, and don't even take time for themselves. Maybe if we keep working, we'll get somewhere, when, in fact, we're bringing more work upon ourselves.

I've decided to come back to blogging. Maybe this is this best time, and maybe it's the worst, but I never meant to leave. If this means late night typing with the lights out, pouring out thoughts with hanging eyes and scribbling them down during short breaks, then it's worth it. What I need right now is a place where I don't have to worry about being on-time, and where I'm not judged on whether or not my writing contains rhetoric or sounds intellectual or whatever. I need a place where my lingering thoughts can be written. I've missed you all, and I've missed reading your thoughts and words and opinions and ideas.

I wish that I had some sort of long sort of explanation, but the only thing that I can say is that life has definitely caught up with me. I'm working three days a week, going to school and losing more and more sleep every day, but somehow, I feel like it's the right time to start this up again.

So, a fill in on life, if you wanted to know.
I've decided that I'm going to a college with a pretty campus so I can take pictures, and that's pretty much as far as I have condensed it. After all, I'm still a junior, so chill, I don't need to decide yet. Honestly, all I want to do is find a trail that's lined with trees and sit there all day, just breathe, and escape everything. On the weekends lately I've been shopping, because although working is kind of a nuisance, I have a steady influx of money, which is absolutely amazing and liberating. Otherwise, I listen to music for hours at a time on spotify and that's how I calm myself. Oh, and It's fall, and I'm super overly excited because fall is my favorite. Sometimes I'm insecure about things, about myself and life decisions and just life in general, especially lately. It's scary, it really is, the fact that all of these decisions can affect life later. But I should probably be taking more risks, because, after all, this part of life is supposed to be a test run. And then there's the high school relationship thing. Look, I can't go out and lie saying that I don't want to date someone; actually, I would love to. But me being me, I've always been super anti-social. Some of my favorite things lately include driving alone, because I can belt out whatever song I want, and night driving with friends. And one last thing: right now I'm loving fall scented candles, the macaroni at my workplace, waking up early on the weekends and crocheting fall scarves.

I've really missed this, and I'm really glad to be back, you guys.
And please excuse my randomness, it's late, and I'm really excited about what's to come.



  1. My thoughts when I saw this post on my dash:

    SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is back.
    RYAN'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ryan is back.
    why are you trying to calm yourself down? be excited!
    RYAN'S BACK!!!!! RYAN'S BACK!!!!!!!! RYAN'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, yeah. Then including the thoughts up there, these are the thoughts while i was reading your post.

    How will I express how wonderful this is in a comment?

    Yeah. In case you couldn't tell. I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!! Yeah. :)

    1. YES, I'M BACK!! Haha, thank you so much for that, you totally just made my day. :)