things that say a lot

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things that say a lot about people:
the way which they treat the waiter/waitress:
how they feel about the weather:
whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books:
and hands in general:
their preferred creative outlet:
how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone:
whether or not they drink coffee:
if they ever forget to eat:
how honest they are with themselves (and others):
if they correct your grammar:
and whether or not they get nervous before haircuts:
- I feel that is it absolutely nessecary to treat the waiter/waitress with respect and kindness. I don't know, it's just a thought that I've always had. You never know; they could be a future friend or something, and they're all people just the same.
- I am in love with the sun, and I'm sad to say that clouds and rain depress me. Weather often controls my emotions and plans.
- School has ruined me by making us highlight our books, so I try to avoid it whenever possible. I like clean books, so I will use whatever I can as a bookmark (paper towels, gum wrappers, sticky notes, just whatever is with me at the moment).
- I used to bite my fingernails, and then I just decided to stop. So, now I let them grow out a little too much and admire them until they get in my way, and then I cut them just a little too short and let them grow back.
- I am really ocd and I put lotion on my hands every night. So, I guess you could say my hands are pretty soft.
- Photography. All the way. I annoy my family and my friends because I take my phone everywhere and take pictures of everything, and now that I have a dslr... They better watch out.
- I quite enjoy phone conversations, actually. I like to hear the voice of the person that I'm talking to, and I just can't convey my full emotions in a text. However, there is a time and place for talking on the phone, and a time and place for texting.
- No. I don't like coffee, but I so wish that I did. At starbucks, I either get a vanilla bean frappacino or hot chocolate.
- I never forget to eat. I'm pretty much always hungry, and I don't really think about what I'm eating. I do try to eat healthy, but most of the time I just go for what looks good.
- Honesty is something that I value above all other qualities. I am little confused about this one. I guess I'm honest with myself, although it leads me to bring myself down sometimes. I am absolutely honest with my friends and family, always.
- Grammar is a must for me. And I am not saying that I always have perfect grammar myself, but I do 99.9% of the time. I believe that having good grammar is just a part of writing.
- Haircuts freak me out. I've had the same haircut for as long as I can remember, and the most hair that I've gotten cut at one time is 3 or 4 inches. I don't have bangs, although I sometimes dream of them, and last time I tried a little bit of layers, it made me nervous.
Thanks again to Kate Josephine and Carlotta for inspiring this post.
love, ryan


  1. I'm still really scared about taking my camera into stores and public places. *looks nervously around* You must be really brave! :)

    Nice learning about you,

    1. P.S. What does 'ocd' stand for? I looked it up on Google and I'm not sure it stands for 'Obsessive-compulsive disorder'...XD

    2. Yes! That's it. It's a weird thing that I like to make fun of myself for having.

  2. OH, I'm the same with my newfound love - my camera. My family hates it.

    1. Also, coffee looks good, but I WILL not drink it. Twins!

    2. Hehe :) I'm really trying to like it, and it comes and goes.

    3. I just can't get past the smell..

  3. 1,3,6 are totally me! XD ehehe. ♥ i love this post.