I am a photographer.

I am a photographer, and it is about the best choice that I have made. When I see natural light, the way the sun sets, or light rays glint off of the kitchen table or the hardwood floor, it's intriguing to me. There are certain times of day that I love to capture, certain times with friends, those ones full of laughter and certain expressions on peoples' faces. Even the editing, finding those pictures that are almost perfect and then those ones that aren't perfect, but hold the most memories. Just to be able to capture the life around me, and my own life; it's all a wondrous thing and sometimes I can't even believe it.

There are a lot of photographers, in fact, anyone can be a photographer, with any sort of camera, and even with just your eyes, I figure. That's the beauty of it. Some people really don't understand how it works. The thing is, there will always be people who support you, along with others who ridicule you, or even discourage you, though they may not be meaning to. I take risks when I take photographs. In restaurants, of people, and others. On the weekends, I bring my camera everywhere- everywhere. If I'm with friends, I almost always have it with me. I even plan special outings just for taking pictures. Just as someone drives a car, or goes to work, or school, or plays a sport, that's pretty much me and my camera, most of the time. And I crave support, and praise, and appreciation, although it's not always there. I want to continue in this profession, and it's one of the few things I've found that I am truly good at.

Just lately, I've been sifting through these thoughts that I have been having for a few months about beginning a business, if it would even be called that. I mostly imagine it as a collection of spontaneous outings with friends and other really nice people just to do the thing that I love, and the idea sounds so amazing. And now it's almost summer, the time when I can bring my ideas to a new page. They have been floating around in my head for quite a while, and recently, I've decided to step into the water and think about putting all of these ideas together. I've shed some light onto the fact that I push away thoughts that are seemingly hard to reach, but this is something real, and I know that I will have to take many steps to get there.

I'm excited. I'm not sure what made me finally decide to go through with this, besides the fact that I have two photoshoots coming up, two, guys. Even the realization that some of it will be long and hard is exciting; in a way, the responsibility is exciting. I imagine it will all be a flurry of laughter and excitement and stuff all happening outside and there will be flashes of sunlight and hours of photo editing accompanied with smiles and snack breaks. So yeah, I think I'm ready.



  1. Oh yes! I see things around me and wish I had a camera that could take pictures of things like exactly how I see them. To show people the world through my eyes. Being a photographer is amazing! :)

  2. If you're good at it (you are) and you love it, you go right ahead and start that business. Always start small. ;)

  3. photography really is wonderful, and i can't wait to see those photoshoots. x